life lately (sqt)

It’s been a while since I had the time to sit down and write. The babies are napping and the three year old is watching a quick show on Netflix – I’m ignoring the mess in the kitchen/living room/hallway/front room/laundry room etc etc etc.

Life has been craaaaaazy lately. I actually had a thought a few weeks ago, “Aw. September is going to be kinda boring, I’ve gotta find something to do!” God heard, you guys. And delivered.


So first of all we moved to a new town! I’m loving it here so far. We live right next to not one but three parks that are easy walking distance. Also, close to a Tim Horton’s, Walmart, random shops, etc. It’s nice to be close to so many things because now that we’re outside of Calgary, Sean has to take the car every day to get to work/school. Sometimes it feels like we’re under house arrest because I can’t fill my day with random errands or going to play groups or anything. But in all honesty I’m a total homebody so it’s no big deal. Also, my parents are often in town! In the two weeks we’ve been here, they’ve come to visit 4 times which I love. 


Living in this new town has brought about some cool opportunities, including the fact that friends of ours live here and asked me to nanny their kids full time during the week. So I now have an extra one year old and three year old running around the house every day. Although I am considerably more tired than I have been in a long time (I’m trying to remember the last time I got up before 8 AM in the past year…) it’s nice to have something to do during the day. It’s a real answer to prayer for us as well, I’ve been wracking my brain to find a way to make a little bit of extra money for our family while still being able to stay home with Joe and it just didn’t seem possible. But this is perfect! I can be here with Joe all day, and he has some extra playmates. Unfortunately he also has some new punching bags, I’ve been noticing. I was not prepared for all the hitting he has been doing lately! We’re working on it. Any tips??

A Baby’s Rule of Sippy Cups: The most valuable sippy cup is the one the other baby has.
A Mom’s Rule of Lego: The only time Lego gets played with is when it sitting in the bucket. Playing with it means dumping it on the floor.  If it’s on the floor it is only there to get stepped on (so I have learned).
So pumped to have friends over!


I auditioned for a play! Not just any play. Anne of Green Gables: The Musical! Honestly, I’ve been dreaming of being in this play for basically my whole life. I decided to audition for Anne even though I knew they wanted her to be a teenager (which I am definitely not, one look at my nursies and it’s a dead giveaway – lol too far??). So ya I was wayyy to old to play Anne in this play and I knew that, I just wanted to do it for myself because I’ve always wanted to. Sean was really the one who convinced me to do it! I ended up being cast in the show as Lucilla, the general store manager. She has a really fun song and is not in a whole lot of the play which works quite well for me, as it gives me the opportunity to get out of the house a little bit but it’s not too big of a commitment. Major dream come true for me! Plus I get to wear a fun old fashioned costume. Yasssssssssss!



My sister had her bachelorette two weekends ago! It was a big deal for me for two reasons: 1. I am her Matron of Honour so I got to plan the whole weekend, and 2. It was my first weekend away from Joe (ever!). It was a blastMy sister is such a gracious and beautiful person and it was so much fun to honour her and spoil her with love. She is the perfect bride. She is marrying the most amazing man – I am so happy for them!! We drank a lot of wine, went to a wine tasting and out for dinner at a delicious restaurant, drank more wine, laughed, and took a lot of pictures on a polaroid camera. It was so much fun! Plus Joe did really awesome on his boys weekend with Sean. I did have to have him brought to me a few times so I could nurse because I was in  a lot of pain from not nursing! But that was awesome because I needed the cuddles. I missed him a lot!

The stunning bride-to-be!
Hand-lettered by my super talented sister-in-law.
The bridal party! Super cute shirts/hats made by one of the bridesmaids. I love to match so this was super fun for me!
At our wine tasting – it was so incredible! Behind us on the left was a bottle of wine priced over $2000!!
(some of) my gorgeous sisters
A few polaroids of the weekend!
What an honour to be in her wedding party!


So now we are in the process of planning her bridal shower which I am so excited for! Any ideas on classy and elegant bridal games that aren’t too over done? Hit me up!


Two of Sean’s friends from Ontario came last week for a visit! It was so awesome to see them, they are the nicest guys. We took them to a few places (including Drumheller to see the dinosaur museum which Google assured me closed at 9PM but actually closed at 5PM…we got there at 5:01. Sigh.) At least we got to see Horseshoe Canyon, and the giant fake TRex. We also went out to the mountains, which we don’t do enough considering how close we are to them. It was a lot of fun to go to Lake Louise and up the Banff Gondola. I mostly spent my time chasing after Joe but it was still a lot of fun. It was cute to see him in the setting of beautiful Lake Louise and be more interested in the ants on the ground than the majestic scenery!

Not a care in the world for the incredible scenery behind him! (Lake Louise)
Walking around like he owns the place. “Which room is mine, Mom?” (Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise)
Does this picture make me look athletic? 😉 (Lake Louise)
Joe kept pointing and saying “Wooooahhhhh!!” (Banff Gondola)
Dad is the most fun! (Sulfur Mountain)


I’ve been realizing lately what a gift Sean is to me. He is so encouraging and supportive. When I wasn’t sure if I would audition for Anne of Green Gables because I was too nervous, he helped me practice one song about 20 times, and told me what he loved about my singing. He is a gift to me. Also he gave me some tough love and told me I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t audition! #truth

That’s all from me!

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7 thoughts on “life lately (sqt)

  1. Your tag #mountains led me here. Hehe. Random. It’s the only tag I’ve followed so far cuz they’re pretty much one of my favorite things ever! That was a really enjoyable read. It’s interesting how blogs give you a little window into the lives of others. Love it! I will be staying tuned for more.

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  2. Ah! You moved – I’ve been out of the loop and just had to read a bunch of your posts (obv had time since my LO got me up at 6) – does this mean you’re closer south now? We’ve gotta get the boys together for a play date one day.. that’s what all the ‘cool moms’ do.. isn’t it?

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