wasn’t i just a kid yesterday??

Last week, Sean and I noticed that a movie from our childhood had appeared on Netflix: Hook. We quickly decided that the next time we had a chance to sit down and watch something, that would be it.

Have you ever seen Hook? I had forgotten how magical it was. A grown up man who has forgotten that he was once Peter Pan, magically taken to Neverland, slowly rediscovering the child he once was. He relearns how to fly, how to have happy thoughts, how to imagine and play again. Through this process he is able to defeat Captain Hook and recapture the joy he once had. This joy pours over into his children and his life is reinvigorated with a new sense of wonder and imagination.

As I watched it, I couldn’t help but get teary over and over again. Watching Peter Pan remember his childhood had Sean and I reminiscing about our childhood – things we used to believe were true (for example, if you chew paper for hours on end it does not actually turn into gum!). We giggled about who we thought we would become when we grew up, and how we always thought $1000 was a lot of money (until we had to actually pay our own bills! lol). But it also gave me inspiration to encourage my kids to have great imaginations and magical childhoods.  I absolutely love the innocence of kids.

Last week, my three youngest siblings came over to help me pack up our house. As a thank you for all of their help, I thought I would take them on the train downtown to see Sean, take them on a picnic to the splash park and out for an ice cream cone. When I told them my idea, they were almost vibrating with excitement. A train?? Downtown?? How big are the buildings?? Will we really see the Calgary tower?? And on and on and on.

The day finally arrived and we made our way down to the train station. We got on and they were all smiling from ear to ear. It was kind of funny to see them in comparison with all the people who use the train to commute every day!


My brother Nick said to me,

“Riane, this is so awesome. I don’t even care where I’m sitting, I’m just so happy to be on the train.”


“Hey Riane, when I look out the window I feel a little carsick, but I don’t care. I’ll keep looking out the window!!”

When we got downtown, they were all in awe. They couldn’t stop looking up! My sister Claire said, “These buildings are so big they make my eyes hurt!!”

We walked through the downtown and they were soaking it all in, looking around in amazement.

Something in me was a little sad, wondering when did I lose that wonder and awe? When did this become something old to me? I was watching them look around and I breathed in a new appreciation for innocence and wonder. I was so happy to look around and be amazed at how big the buildings were and wonder how they actually built something that big?! Lol.


Children and childhood are such a gift to us!



One thought on “wasn’t i just a kid yesterday??

  1. Aw I totally relate to this… I miss the excitement and awe that comes with being a kid. And I totally want those things for my kids too! This inspired me!!


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