happiness in the mundane (sqt)

Happy Friday!

Joe is still asleep, so I thought I would jot down a few quick takes while I can.


I’ve been pondering the last little while over what I could write this week, but kept putting it off when I couldn’t think of anything exciting. We haven’t been doing much, just life, day to day things. Cleaning the kitchen (sometimes), getting naps in (sometimes), going for walks, etc etc etc. It’s been pretty chill around here.

As I was pondering this, I came across this Anne quote:


Sigh. Leave it to Anne to articulate the exact beauty of day to day living. This episode of SQT is the little pleasures of these days!



I am really loving co sleeping with Joe (still!). It works for us, and I’m so glad. This morning I woke up with Sean and Joe quickly realized I wasn’t there with him. He sat up and gave the most pathetically sweet whine, and when I crawled back into bed with him he just snuggled right in and sighed. I love all the sweet moments. He often kisses us when he wakes up, and we hear a little, “mmmm? mmmm?” and roll over to him on all fours, lips pursed expectantly. I know the day will come when Joe doesn’t want to sleep in between Mom and Dad (or we will be ready for him to move into his own bed), so I’m just enjoying this while it last.

**disclaimer** In no way am I against sleep training methods!! We all just do what we feel is best for each child so everyone gets the most sleep and doesn’t go crazy!

FullSizeRender (4)


I’ve been noticing lately how much more independent Joe has become. We returned home from grocery shopping the other day and I put him down in the back yard while I unloaded the groceries from the garage to the house. Immediately upon placing him on the ground he bee-lined it to the sandbox and began playing very contentedly. He would have stayed for hours if I had let him. He loves to play on his own (but checks all the time if I’m still around!). If he’s playing and not noticing me at all, I’ll just go about doing the things I normally would. But the second I leave the room, I’ll hear his toys drop and the slap slap slap of his little hands on the floor, crawling around looking for me.

He’s also been experimenting with walking! He takes more and more steps each day, and if I’m not looking, he’ll say very sweetly, “hiiiii!” with a big smile, and then I’ll look at him and he’ll say “Mum!” and take a few steps and then fall. It’s so cute.


This past week I went to High River for a meeting and left Joe at my parent’s house. When I came to pick him up, Maddie (11) and Nick (9) had him out on the front yard playing “forcefield” with him. Basically the whole game was that there was a fake forcefield in front of Joe and they would run toward him and then pretend to fall back as soon as they got close. He was in a fit of giggles. It was almost magical to watch them play so well with Joe – these kids who were babies that I was crazy about (still am crazy about).


Sean’s mom was out to visit last week! We have been using Skype as much as we can so that Joe recognizes his Eastern grandparents. I think he did recognize her! As soon as he saw her, he flopped on her shoulder and cuddled. It was a gift to see her for a short amount of time. She has great advice and experience (raised 8 kids!) and has so many interesting stories to tell.  It’s hard to live so far away from Sean’s side of the family, but these visits are always most welcome.

Loves Grandma!

Sean’s brother and his boys were also out, along with his sister, brother in law, and two kids. We had a full house, and I must say that I really enjoyed the change! It was nice to have people around when we woke up. Family is such a gift. I want my kids to know this and always visit each other when they are older. (Ok…we only have one at the moment but hopefully more in the future!)



We are moving in three weeks! Have I started packing? No! Am I totally stressed? 100%! I am a procrastinator to my CORE. I look around at all the work that has to be done and I’m like…hmm…after one more episode of The Paradise…lol.

But I’m actually excited about the move. It’s an act of incredible Providence, I still can’t believe how well we are being taken care of by God! I was pretty nervous about finding a new place to live, especially because we love this one so much. But God is good, and we will have somewhere to rest our heads! God has been working so much in our lives lately. It’s been a real exercise of trust and patience, but we are so grateful. I will make a post to fill in later!


Life is pretty steady lately, and I’m happy in this season. It’s about to get a little crazy – we are moving, Sean goes back to school and is working part time. So when I feel a little restless washing dishes for the nth time, it’s good to remind myself that there are sweet moments in this mundane season, and nothing lasts forever!

Bed head while watching TV. I usually don’t let him watch because he will watch an entire episode without moving a muscle. Sigh.


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