Summertime epiphanies

I realized the other day that I am loving summer this year. Yes, summer is awesome every year, but this year is particularly great, for a few reasons.

First of all, pretty much every summer I feel so embarrassed at how white and pasty I am. This embarrassment leads to me wearing jeans 24/7 and dying of heat in the meantime. This year, the thought came to me: If I never wear shorts or show skin, I will never not be pasty and white!


I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. Anyways, I have been wearing shorts pretty much every day, and while any old person on the street would probably guess that it’s my first time in the sunlight this year, I actually have a lot more colour than normal. Any time I second guess myself, I look at my Birkenstock tan. Yay!

IMG_7977 (1)
I really need to paint my toenails. Keepin it real

Second of all, having a baby in the summer is FUN! Yes, the most fun! You can do so many things that would be kind of creepy to do as an adult – for example play at the splash park. So much fun but if you show up with just like, your husband…it’s weird. Am I alone in thinking that? Maybe I need to broaden my horizons.

Last summer, I was honestly way to tired and stressed to even think about taking Joe outside. Wait – that’s a bit of a lie. I took him camping (for one day) with my parents, but I was so freaked out about him getting a sunburn that I stayed under this tent-y thing all day.


We’re in there somewhere!

This summer has been so different! I’ve been trying to get Joe outside as much as I can. We’ve been camping, playing at the beach, playing in the sandbox, going swimming – honestly I’m loving it all. And so is he!

Today, we ventured downtown to meet Sean for lunch. There’s a little splash park/wading pool right by his office so I brought Joe’s swimsuit and we let him play and splash around. It was so much fun! Joe was in heaven, I think. We kept giggling because he was just laughing as he crawled through the water. We finished our lunch by getting some ice cream and we shared it with Joe, who of course loved it.



So those are my two realizations – you don’t stay pasty white if you actually get some sun, and summer time is super fun with a baby!

Oh yes and one more summer realization: I forgot that I love to read! It’s a fun hobby to remember in the summer. Right now, I’m reading The Secret Lives and Sorrows of Josephine B, lent to me by my sister-in-law. It’s historical fiction, mixed with romance and intrigue! Yep, sign me up. I’m loving it so far!



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