Seven Quick Takes {Little Sister Edition}

I have been thinking often lately about how much fun it was to grow up with siblings (I’m the second oldest of ten!). My younger siblings are still very much little kids, the youngest being only eight. It’s a real joy to be able to see them fairly often and watch them love up on Joe. They are honestly the sweetest kids and are so proud to be aunties and uncles. They seem to delight in telling other people that they have a niece and nephew and watch the listener’s face light up in incredulity.

Most recent photo of everyone!

My sister Maddie is eleven and she is so funny. Even as a very little kid she was always saying the most hilarious things and we would all laugh and laugh at what her little mind came up with. This week, I am immortalizing her words on the blog with seven of the funniest things she’s ever said, imho.


After Sean and I got engaged, Maddie and Nick were so confused as to what that would mean for us. They kept asking if we were moving away forever, if we were never going to see them again. I tried to think of the best way to explain it to them and told them,

“You know how Mom and Dad are married? That’s what Sean and I will be. We’ll live together and be married, like Mom and Dad are.”

That seemed to satisfy them. However, the next day I over heard a conversation that told me they had both been thinking about what I had told them.

Nick: Hey Maddie, you know how Riane and Sean are going to be married like Mom and Dad?

Maddie: Yah…

Nick: Well, Riane is going to Sean in hims underwear because Dad sleeps in hims underwear!!!

Maddie: Awwwwww gross!!!


In the days leading up to our wedding, Maddie was so excited for us, especially because she knew that Sean and I didn’t ever have “sleepovers”. She knew that when we came to visit Mom and Dad, we always slept in separate rooms and that when we were married, we’d get to sleep in the same bed.

The day after our wedding, we woke up late and proceeded to go to Mass (even though we were a little bit late!). We quietly snuck into a pew behind my family, and Maddie turned around and saw us.

She excitedly whispered (loud enough for everyone around us to hear, I might add),



The best flower girls and ring bearer a bride could ask for!


She is such a little cuddle bug. One day when she was around 4 or 5, she came up to me and snuggled right in. I said to her teasingly,

“Mads, how come you always want to cuddle with me??”

She thought for a second and replied,

“Because you’re so warm. Like Mom! Or a dog.”



After Joe was born she was just totally obsessed with him. I think my heart grew three sizes when I checked my email one day while nursing and saw this:





One day, Sean was chatting with Maddie and was informed that she decided she would never get married. She then proceeded to tell him about her future kids. Confused, Sean said,

“Maddie, I thought you weren’t going to get married? How are you going to have kids if you don’t get married?”

Maddie simply replied, “Sean, I’m a girl.”

Duh, Sean.



A few months ago Maddie was driving in the car with Sean and they saw one of those guys who spins signs around to promote a store or whatever. I don’t know what he was promoting.

Maddie was totally amazed and asked Sean,

“Is this his actual job??”

Sean told her it was.

She sighed and said, “That is awesome.”

Then she stuck her hand out the window and gave the man a very firm thumbs up. Ha!


When she was really little (around 3 or 4) she was really into the telephone. She was always hiding it in different places and would race to answer it first. One evening, my mom was out later than normal. Around 10:00pm (well after Maddie should have been asleep) my mom called the house. Maddie answered,


Mom was totally shocked and said, “Maddie? How come you’re answering the phone? You should be in bed!”

To which Maddie very calmly replied, “I am.”

She had hidden the phone under her pillow and was answering it every time it rang. What a kid!

Anyways, this is a totally random blog post. I was just thinking about the kids lately and wanted to dedicate a post to being an older sister and witnessing these funny little things!

Linking up with Kelly (who just wrote the most amazing NFP post – you should definitely check it out!).




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