Seven Quick Takes {in summmmerrrr!}

To quote Joe in any public place where people are walking around: Hi yo!

It’s been a couple weeks since I last wrote a seven quick takes. It’s been so busy that I haven’t had a chance. By the time Friday rolls around I look in shock at the calendar and second guess what day it actually is. This week, I started early!


I fee like I’m some sort of wilderness guru because I was outside camping for approximately five days. (Can you tell I’m not outdoorsy at all??) We traveled up to Northern Alberta for a Catholic family conference, and it was awesome. I’ve been going to this particular conference for pretty much my whole life, and it was a fun a new experience to have my own baby with me.

However, I do have to say that I only fully attended one talk (out of like, 8) because I was having trouble deciding whether or not I should be concentrating on getting Joe his naps (which was impossible anyways!). So if I did actually attend a talk, I barely heard anything because I was on prevention duty regarding Joe’s screeching. Nonetheless, it is always encouraging to be with so many like-minded people. I was looking in awe at all the veteran moms with babies the size of Joe plus like 7 more kids. Saints in the making! I have so much respect and love for them. (My own mom included!!)

This hat! Sean says Joe looks like a Cardinal wearing this hat (a blue Cardinal, lol).


My parents asked if I wanted to come camping with them after the conference was over. So Sean drove me to their campsite and dropped Joe and I off and we spent a couple of extra days with them. It was such a treat! The campground had a beach, lots of wilderness and shade, a petting zoo, and most importantly, flush toilets. The whole family wasn’t there, just my mom and dad and the four youngest kids. They were so good with Joe, taking him for walks, playing in the sand with him, holding his hands so he could walk for hours on end. He loves his aunties and uncles, they are so good to him!




The Stampede is going on, and since Sean has never been to the parade and had the morning off, we decided to take it in. We left the house a little late and as such were sardines while transiting down. We had so much fun! I was curious how Joe would react to it, and we were so careful about making sure he had a nice little view, even though it was really crowded. Joe was very serious about watching the parade. He didn’t smile often, but every time horses rode by, he would reach out his hand and offer a little wave. Every time! He didn’t wave to another single float or person. Haha!

Sean said to me a little jokingly, “I don’t know why I’m so concerned for Joe to be able to see this, he won’t remember it anyways!”

But we will! We will always have this special little memory of a serious baby boy only waving to the horses. I’m so happy.

FullSizeRender (3)
At the parade


After all that time outside, no sunburn for Joe!!! Thanks for all the suggestions about reapplying sunscreen over and over. That seems to do the trick!


I’ve been reading the book Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry for an awesome book club I’m a part of. It’s a little slow, but I’m enjoying it so far. I’m having all of these thoughts bubble to the surface regarding how I feel about it, what’s speaking to me. It’s about a woman looking back on her life, and is very poignant in regards to the passage of time. Has anyone read it? Any insights?

I’m thinking about writing a whole post dedicated to it, but for now I will just cherish my young family and love where we are at right now! I think that’s the message from the book…it’s inspiring me that way anyways!


It has been so hot lately. Drag your feet, get grumpy about nonsense kind of hot. We’ve been spending a lot of time in our basement to beat the heat. But there’s nothing to do down there!! But Joe sleeps a lot better in the cool air, and has been having long naps these days, so we’ve been getting him down and then watching a lot of House of Cards. I have so much to say about House of Cards, including that I am slightly embarrassed that I watch it. But there is so much symbolism and it is so well written! I guess I will have to gather my thoughts and write a blog about it.


Sean’s birthday also happened! I’m never sure what to do for him for his birthday, so I decided this year would be a board game. I ordered the game Via Nebula online (a really fun 2 or 4 player game!) and was so excited because I was totally going to surprise him. Except Amazon ships so fast! Our Amazon account is in his name, so I kept checking his email to see if it had shipped so I could delete the email. But he just happened to check it right after they had shipped it but before I could delete it. So he totally knows!

We also went to a Nelly Furtado concert! Lol! It makes me giggle that that’s where we went for his birthday. He really likes her music which I think is equal parts hilarious and endearing. She was playing at the Stampede Coca Cola stage (which is just a free concert with admission to the grounds). My parents came in to watch Joe and we left early so we could have a few drinks together.

It. was. so. much. fun.

I forgot how much fun it is to go on a date with Sean. He is sooooooooo much fun and funny. I really love him so much!!

So many fun things to remember, but the best part was that the concert started an hour late because it got rained out! We had a really crummy spot before we were all told to go inside, but after waiting just a little while, we decided to brave the rain to get a better spot. Totally worth it! We were right at the front while it was pouring rain. We were drenched. It was awesome.

When she finally came out, we only had about half an hour before we had to hop back on the train to head home to get back to Joe. She started by playing some new songs that were fun and catchy, but I was kind of sad she wasn’t playing her old stuff. But then! She said, “I think you guys might know this one” and played I’m Like a Bird, which was like, my grade five jam, you guys!!

We sang so loud and cheered so loud, and the rain was coming down so hard it was literally dripping off my face. It was a night I will remember happily forever.

Love him.
Sean & Riane 2017 (C-train romance)

Ok one more thing (still included in Sean’s birthday shenanigans!). Sean’s sister and I decided to throw a little surprise party for him this coming weekend, and I made a little Facebook group inviting some friends and family. I am so embarrassed to admit that I accidentally invited Sean to the secret surprise birthday party for him. DANG IT, RIANE!!!

I didn’t even find out for a few days because he was kind of confused about it all. He’s the most awesome.

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