Seven Quick Takes {Awkward Mom Edition}

Linking up with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes!


Today I was in desperate need to get out of the house, so I took Joe for a walk to Tim Horton’s and then to the public library. They have an awesome baby/toddler play place and there’s always lots of other moms and kids. It’s actually pretty fun! Every time we go, Joe mostly just plays at one little spot, and pretty much watches other people. It’s so cute.

A blurry photo of Joe chasing a ball! Lol

Anyways, today there was a little girl there (maybe like two years old??) and she kept on taking Joe’s toys away and then hitting him! I would panic and run over to them and try to ask the little girl to not hit Joe, he’s just a little baby, and then she would yell at me and run away. I mean, she doesn’t understand she’s like two! So the first time it happened I was like, whatever. Kids, right?? BUT. It happened like, five times!! Every time it would happen I would look desperately at this little girl’s mom, hoping she would save my Joe from her very spirited child! Then I started debating whether or not I should go ask the mom to say something to her daughter, but couldn’t get up the courage. She was just totally unaware of what was going on, as she was on her phone (maybe with something really important, I don’t know! I’m totally not judging bc we have all been there and just need a break sometimes).

Ok here comes the most awkward part! After the fifth time of this happening (Joe was starting to get pretty upset!) the librarian came up to me and asked if the little girl was taking Joe’s toys away. Apparently he had not been the first victim that day! I was sort of hesitant and said yesssssss but I was like “he’s ok! It’s ok.” Then she went and spoke to the mom, who got super flustered and left. 


I felt so awkward. Like, on the one hand, I felt super bad for her because she was obviously embarrassed. I wished it had been me who said something, because I could have been more gentle. But on the other hand, I felt guilty for not protecting Joe more (like, five instances of this little girl stealing his toys and then hitting him? That’s too much! Why didn’t I say something to the mom??).

Ugh. These thoughts are why I am writing a blog post at 12 am and not sleeping. What should I have done?????


I always find Mondays extra lonely after the weekend, so I decided to pack up Joe and take him on transit to visit Sean downtown for lunch. We sacrificed Joe’s morning nap for this excursion and, although most of the visit was awesome, the ride home was decidedly not awesome. Joe cried the whole time. I kept trying to comfort him but all he wanted was a nap or to crawl around the train. Nothing in between. We almost made it to our stop before a man told me, “Get that baby a soother!” Cue internal tears from me. I felt so bad and embarrassed like such a bad mom for having a crying baby on the train. First time mom stuff is hard!



We put Joe down in his own room at bed time for the first time in his life this week. Sean and I crawled into our own bed, sans baby. Talk about space! I could not believe the amount of room we had without Joe star-fishing in the middle. Anyways, Joe only lasted in his room for about 2 hours before he woke up looking for us (which was totally fine, I just brought him into the bed with us and we proceeded to sleep through most of the night). Truth be told, I really missed him! My joke is that he nurses me to sleep. Lol.

FullSizeRender (1)



My sister Lyndsie and her fiancee came over last night to watch part one of a 4 part series on Jillian Harris and her fiancee on the W Network. I am a tad embarrassed at how excited I was to watch it, and I went snack crazy in preparation for the big event! We were big fans of hers way back in her Bachelorette days. And we are total Insta-fans. And it was awesome. Sean got Joe down for bed and we drank wine and ate strawberries and Oreos while we watched the show and laughed and cried. Straight up good time. To top it all off Joe slept until 10:30 the next morning and when I got up Lyndsie was still over!! I was over the moon about having some one to share my morning tea with.

ps if you follow Jillian you know she recently got bangs so now I am suuuuuuuper inspired to get bangs to cover up my postpartum regrowth.

Check out that bang regrowth


It’s hard to wrap my mind around saying no to things. I am a people pleaser to my core and it is so hard for me to feel like I have let someone down. Now that I’m a mom I have to have different standards and boundaries and I find it extremely difficult to separate doing the right thing for our family and feeling like I’ve let somebody down. When I don’t think it’s a good idea to do something for the sake of Joe, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not being selfish/lazy/inconsiderate to someone else, I’m taking care of Joe first and foremost. This is an extremely vague and rambly point, however, it has come up in a million areas of life and makes me feel awkward, hence, a dedicated point in this SQT.


I want to be one of those mom bloggers who has really pretty photos and pretty things in her house. I wanted to take a nice photo of the Father’s Day gift that I got for Sean. I really tried to stage photos but then just end up with this:


It’s not in the cards for me. Side note, I didn’t think of a hilarious joke until later, but it would have been way funnier if I put “Cup of Joe” on the mug. Dang!


We are going camping this weekend! Well, not exactly camping. My family is going and we are joining them for the day. I’m so excited!! Going to have to remember to slather on the sunscreen so this doesn’t happen again:

My poor sunburned baby! Happy to be with his awesome cousin.

My poor first child. Heaven knows I will only have fair skinned red heads, one day I will be smart and know which sunscreen is the best. Any recommendations???



6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes {Awkward Mom Edition}

  1. Bless your heart! I definitely would have said something to that little girl’s mother! Poor Joe! Being a mom is hard.
    Also, what I have learned with sunscreen, at least with my children, (have 4 and one is a redhead with very fair skin) is I just have to reapply often! Hope you all have fun camping!

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  2. Being a mom with a redhead, with fair skin, I have to continuously apply – although, eventually a tan does start and I can reapply less often. We currently use the neutrogena waterproof spray because my littles can’t stay still long enough for me to slather.
    As for the library incident I would have done the same as you. I’m not into confrontation, I would have said something to the little child that doesn’t know better, and if it didn’t change I would probably just move to a different location; I always feel awkward parenting someone else’s child for one reason or another..

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  3. I always had a hard time with my first saying no to things and putting my baby first whether it was bc of nap or bedtime or whatever but a therapist recommended “Boundaries”-Townsend and” the assertive option” – Lange and “the lies we believe” and they where life changing for me ! Now I keep my people pleasing co-dependant self in check:)
    Also I loathe people like the guy on the train 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

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